About Us

        Hope for Children Organization Ethiopia (HFCOE) is an indigenous, local Ethiopian Resident Charity, established in November 2000 with the key objectives of sustainable and comprehensive community based care and support for HIV/AIDS affected families and children. It was established in response to the staggering HIV/AIDS pandemic and its related problems. The impact of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia was increasing in all directions. The organization began with eight orphaned children and has been growing in quantity of the children and families assisted as well as the diversity of services thematically and geographically. 

         Since its establishment by Mrs. Yewoinshet Masresha, Founder and Executive Director of Hope for Children Organization Ethiopia, a Psychologist by profession, HFCOE has been expanding in order to respond to the increasing demand to address the problem of the families in general and children specifically due to the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty.


Addis Ababa Staff

Yewoinshete Masresha,  Founder and Executive Director

Gudeta Buli, Program Coordinator, USAID Integrated Community-Based HIV and AIDs Prevention, Care and Support

Zelelew Mamuye, Program Coordinator, Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP) 2


Tsedale Indrias, Program Coordinator, Child Sponsorship

Rahel Berhanu, Girls Empowerment and Community Conversation Coordinator

Yohanis Abera, Finance Manager

Berhanu Desta, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, USAID Integrated Community-Based HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care and Support


Betemariam Fantaye, Project Officer, USAID Integrated Community-Based HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care and Support


Regional Staff

Desta Dejene, Cluster Nurse Supervisor, Shashemene, USAID Program

Tariku Borsamo, Community Health Worker, Dilla, USAID Program


Hailu Habtamu, Community Health Worker, Yirgalem, USAID Program


Ayehu Kifle, Cluster Nurse Supervisor, Kombolcha, USAID Program


Semira Siraj, Community Health Worker, Bati, USAID Program


Mohammed Ali, Community Health Worker, Kemissie, USAID Program


Sirna Bediru, Community Health Worker, Sekoru, USAID Program


Melkamu Agumai, Community Health Worker, Saja, USAID Program


Melese Gebru, Community Health Worker, Wolkite, USAID Program


Birhanu Fekadu, Cluster Supervisor, Harar, ESAP2