Community Development

 Hope for Children Organization Ethiopia supports community development of the most vulnerable children and families throughout Ethiopia.   Programs include urban agriculture and nutrition, economic strengthening and vocation trainings.  These efforts are further described below:


  • Urban agriculture – edible gardens to improve livelihoods and nutrition in low-income communities of Addis Ababa. The target beneficiaries are people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.   

  • Economic strengthening is addressed via village savings and loan efforts with youth as well as adult community members – including those affected by HIV and AIDS.  Through an agreement with USAID, activities are carried out in nine towns in Amhara, Oromia and SNNPR regions.  

  • Further, the USAID program is building the capacity of edirs (traditional community insurance schemes) to bolster support to vulnerable community members and to provide HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support for their community members in a sustainable manner.

  • Linkages to microfinance institutions are made for those trained so that they are able to access loans to start-up and/or further strengthen their small businesses.  Follow-up support is provided to facilitate business success.

  • Vocational training has been provided to vulnerable youth on topics such as hair dressing, chauffeuring, food preparation, mobile and computer maintenance, video and photography.