Ethiopian Social Accountability Program

        Since 2013, Hope for Children Organization Ethiopia has been leading implementation of a World Bank-funded social accountability program in Oromia and SNNPR regions.  Social accountability is an approach in which citizens collectively demand for better services and is a means of fostering good governance that relies on citizen engagement. The program objectives are:

  • Increased awareness of citizen rights and responsibilities to contribute to and demand better quality services including education, health, agriculture, water and sanitation and rural roads. 

  • Increased involvement of citizens and communities in planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of the quality of, access to and quantity of basic public service delivery

  • Increased capacity of implementing partners to utilize the social accountability approach

  • Increased capacity of public basic service providers to respond to community and citizens’ needs and to be accountable to them

  • Improved quality of basic services in education, health, agriculture


        The program has reached over 40,000 beneficiaries and is showing impact as community members are  now demanding services from service providers.  In addition, there has been a dramatic change in the attitudes of service providers and a measurable improvement in quality of services.  HFCOE is leading the effort, working closely with five implementing partners under the project bridging phase in the eastern region.